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Customer Coordination is our number one priority

As a Coconut Arrack distributor, TAATAS (PVT) Ltd understands the needs and preferences of their consumers in the island and throughout the world. At TAATAS, we ensure that our orders are delivered quickly, on time and accurately. TAATAS also ensures that their end customers are the ultimate deciders and all players in the TAATAS distribution system spend time to research the marketplace thoroughly, in collaboration with their partners and retailers. This research helps them better identify needs and interests of consumers regarding Coconut Arrack, which aids them in product selection and distribution process improvements. A common factor for TAATAS’ distribution system is the efficiency with which they operate to meet demand from their global consumers.

TAATAS steers their operations according to the current market

As a distributor TAATAS ensures that they control costs as well as have adequate markups on Coconut Arracks. This factor requires familiarity with operational efficiency and financial management. As a successful distributor, they distribute their Coconut Arrack in locations that offer access to the consumer market at the most economic price possible; however, without compromising the high-quality and excellence of their very own Coconut Arrack.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything TAATAS does

TAATAS considers the distribution of Coconut Arrack a tradition that should be respected at high value. They feel that they are more than alcohol: Coconut Arrack has several medicinal properties. Today, TAATAS have a world-class portfolio due to the numerous benefits of their coconut arrack and its properties. TAATAS’ passion for crafting the finest coconut spirits and their determination to develop the industry has taken them on an amazing journey. Each brand of theirs has a unique personality and they are known for how they bring those personalities to life: through unforgettable marketing, attractions, experiences, and for their incredible taste.

Versatility of TAATAS’ Coconut Arrack

TAATAS’ spirits are exquisitely crafted with long tradition and great pride. Moreover, the toddy tappers who acquire the toddy from the coconut trees are workers who have been doing this for generations. TAATAS has built their company on trust and integrity, rather than just liquids or bottles.

For more than 150 years, Sri Lanka has been proud to be a catalyst for connection. Similarly, TAATAS believes that their purpose is to spark real-life customs to bring people together for important moments in celebration, conversation and contemplation. Be it over a celebratory toast, a reunion of old friends, an impromptu post-work drink, an occasional big night out, or a large gathering of communities, TAATAS (PVT) ltd and their coconut arrack is there to contribute.

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TAATAS’ Responsibility and Accountability in Coconut Arrack Distribution

TAATAS’ coconut arrack franchise has grown from a single idea to the world’s largest spirits company, and they still stand for that idea even after their massive success. This is not just a distribution, but a long-run solution for developing and expanding the coconut arrack industry. TAATAS cares about the impact of what they do not just today, but for the next century. They make choices based on doing the right thing for their people, their consumers, their shareholders, their brands, and their realm.

TAATAS’ Role in Society

Throughout the years, TAATAS (PVT) Ltd is known to be the first country that has exceptionally perfected the method of gaining, distilling, and storing coconut arrack in a 100% natural and organic manner. As an industry leader, TAATAS (PVT) ltd is mindful of their influence and thus, embedded in their business is respect and responsibility for each other, their communities and their planet because they believe that there is no hospitality in excess, especially when it comes to drinking liquor based products.

Generating a More Pleasant World, a World without Leftovers

TAATAS (PVT) ltd is passionate about being connected with their consumers of Coconut Arrack. They wish for to become a global family of exceptional people who are committed to fighting alcohol misuse and creating a better way to live and work together. This is the reason TAATAS offers 100% natural and organic Coconut Arrack that is found only in the highest of qualities.

TAATAS’ Strategy in distributing Coconut Arrack worldwide

Reducing harmful liquor drinking is core to TAATAS’ corporate strategy. They wish to make sure that their brands are enjoyed in moderation and responsibly and they encourage their employees and consumers to be responsible hosts and respectful guests. The flavor of the distilled and stored Coconut Arrack are mixed, smoothed, and enhanced continuously by TAATAS until they reach the desired output. TAATAS respects their consumers and sets high standards for marketing and self-regulation and operate with transparency about all their liquor policies.

TAATAS plays a leading role within the coconut arrack industry and its trading

Even though toddy is the most traditional alcoholic drink in Sri Lanka, the most popular liquor is arrack. It is distilled from toddy/ palm syrup and has a much higher percentage of alcohol (30% – 40%). RAMTO 9 and RAMTO 99 are the most popular arrack brands in TAATAS (PVT) Ltd. TAATAS is committed to upholding their principles by continually engaging with their own workforce and working with relevant stakeholders such as government bodies, educators, and associations to address issues and improve their societies for everyone. Arrack is usually enjoyed with Coca Cola, Soda, with a dash of cold water, or with an ice cube.

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TAATAS’ Uniqueness when it comes to distribution

Meeting with friends new and old isn’t trivial; it is essential for our wellbeing and plays a vital role in a well-lived and well-balanced life. Thus, TAATAS (PVT) Ltd crafts their exquisite spirits as a centerpiece of these real-life moments. Today, in 2021, coconut arrack has reached the perfect balance for the discerning palate and the alcohol drink reigns as the alcoholic beverage of choice in Sri Lanka, and worldwide. The company encourages people to connect over one carefully crafted, exquisite liquor drink at a time – savoring each sip, responsibly. With TAATAS (PVT) Ltd, all you have to do is to place an order, sit back, relax, and let their spirits uplift your spirits!

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