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Specialty of Coconut Trees in Sri Lanka

The tall, dignified coconut palm is one of Sri Lanka’s permanent visual themes, but it’s also a basis of life here. All of its fragments find a use: the trunk leaves, and coconut shells make boats, roofs, fishing rods; coconut entrails produce nutritious water, the milk and vinegar that fuel countless Sri Lankan dishes, and stronger beverages—the younger coconut fantasy called toddy and the aged, sophisticated coconut arrack.

TAATAS’ Sri Lankan Arrack is made from only two ingredients: water and the distilled sap of unopened coconut flowers from the Sri Lankan coconut palm. It should be noted that Arrack is not the same as arak, which is the anise-based beverage popular in the Mediterranean and North Africa. Neither is TAATAS’ coconut arrack similar to Batavia arrack, which is the Indonesian spirit distilled from sugarcane and red rice.

How is TAATAS’ Coconut Arrack made?

In the mornings, during the “tapping” or harvesting season—April to December— TAATAS’ very own “toddy tappers” climb coconut palms armed with a special knife and gourd. Once up there, a daring 50 feet above the ground, they move between palms on tightropes, preparing new spathes by cutting off the tips of unopened coconut flowers or painstakingly collecting the sweet sap, which rapidly ferments into the mildly alcoholic, palm wine–like toddy, itself a popular tipple.

Toddy destined for arrack is put in timber vats, then copper stills, where it ends up at around 50 percent alcohol by volume within only 24 hours. At that point, varieties of coconut arrack with different alcohol levels are left to age for years.

The production processes of TAATAS’ Coconut Arrack

Sri Lanka is the largest producer of coconut arrack and up until 1992 the government played a significant role in its production. Other than water, the entire manufacturing process revolves around the fermentation and distillation of a single ingredient, the sap of unopened flowers from a coconut palm. Each morning at dawn, men known as toddy tappers move among the tops of coconut trees using connecting ropes not unlike tightropes. A single tree may contribute up to two liters per day. Due to its concentrated sugar and natural yeast content, the captured liquid naturally and immediately ferments into a mildly alcoholic beverage called “toddy”. Within a few hours after collection, the toddy is poured into large wooden vats called Halmilla vats made from the wood of teak or Berrya cordifolia. The natural fermentation process is allowed to continue in the vats until the alcohol content reaches 5-7% and deemed ready for distillation.

Distillation is generally a two-step process involving pot stills, continuous stills, or a combination of both.

The first step results in “low wine”, a liquid with alcohol content between 20 and 40%. The second step results in the final distillate with an alcohol content of 60 to 90%. It is generally distilled to between 33% and 50% alcohol by volume and 66 to 100 for proofing. The entire distillation process is completed within 24 hours. Various blends of coconut arrack diverge in processing, yet the extracted spirit may also be sold raw, repeatedly distilled or filtered, or transferred back into Halmilla vats for maturing up to 15 years, depending on flavor, color and fragrance requirements. On the palate, the amber-colored rum satisfies with notes of coco, cinnamon and toffee.

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What does TAATAS’ Coconut Arrack taste like?

Coconut Arrack, Sri Lanka’s signature spirit is usually strong and dark; it’s a little sweet, not unlike a combination of bourbon and rum, but with a stronger, burning kick and a mysterious aroma.

The coconut gives arrack a distinctive sweetness—flavor elements that people abroad miss when they drink bourbon, rye, or whiskey. At TAATAS, we export first class, high quality, 100% organic Coconut Arrack in sustainable and safe bottles. Consumers from overseas can buy bottles of Coconut Arrack from TAATAS (PVT) ltd for economic prices.  People have expressed that TAATAS’ Coconut Arrack has an acquired taste that is found nowhere else in the world.

TAATAS (PVT) Ltd.’s mission when it comes to exporting Coconut Arrack

Over the years, TAATAS (PVT) Ltd has emerged as one of Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of high-quality spirits and arracks. With their diverse product portfolio and well-established brands, TAATAS has become synonymous with class and quality among their customers and shareholders. TAATAS Company is the one of the few hard liquor beverage manufacturers in Sri Lanka with certification for quality management and international export license. They remain committed to their traditional core values and their corporate philosophy is built on ethical business practices and excellent corporate governance.

Coconut Arrack at TAATAS (PVT) Ltd

TAATAS’ intention is to offer high-quality spirits and arracks to consumers all over the world. That’s why their Coconut arrack also includes varieties of cocktails with different ingredients.  Their selection is pretty extensive when it comes to aroma, taste, and type.

TAATAS combines traditional aspects of Sri Lanka with the old art of distilling. Moreover, TAATAS’ Coconut Arrack is made without any artificial flavor additives. They only use natural ingredients within their production, manufacturing and packaging process. As a professional exporter company that has been in the market for a long time, TAATAS (PVT) Ltd supplies bottles of Coconut Arrack to all their customers in superior-quality, following a 100% organic process; and it comes in rich natural flavors like vanilla. To always be the best organization in the arrack industry as well as the alcohol trade, TAATAS offers their clients all-natural Coconut arrack products in sustainable bottles and packages: their bottles are of European Design. Moreover, they can also ship their Coconut arrack to any appointed destination locations in a highly secure manner, since their products have International Export License. Their services are professional, and all their employees are highly trained for all sorts of crises, especially since they deal with day-to-day fermentation, distillation, and bottling process. TAATAS’ Coconut arracks are 100% organic and are found at best prices; thus TAATAS (PVT) Ltd. is extremely positive about their integrity and success rate.

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