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Recognized by its rich aromas, smooth palate and exceptionally well-rounded flavor, TAATAS’ 100% Pure Distilled Arrack is an improved blend of distinguished character. Timelessly and naturally aged in seasoned Halmilla vats in Sri Lanka’s largest and most respected distilleries, this blend of 100% pure coconut arrack undisputedly reins supremacy, especially among those with distinctive taste.

Coconut Trees and their connection to Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans tapped coconut wine more than 2,000 years ago. Although we don’t know exactly when arrack was first made, it is one of the oldest distilled spirits in the world—far older even than Scotch whisky. A British explorer noted in 1859 that visiting Arab traders drank this “exhilarating” spirit in the 5th century.

In Sri Lanka, Coconut arrack can also be categorized in to Old Arrack, Sri Lanka Arrack, and Very Special Old Arrack; named according to their maturity and flavor. Arracks that are made from well matured coconut spirits can be far more expensive and luxurious than the other ones. Around the world, as well as in Sri Lanka, Argenté, also called as the “golden brew” is the best coconut arrack that has been aged for a minimum of 20 years.

Currently, there are a couple dozen companies in Sri Lanka producing coconut arrack, but only a few export it overseas. TAATAS (PVT) Ltd follows the International Export Standards and manufactures, distributes, and exports high quality Coconut Arrack throughout the world.

Toddy Tapping in Sri Lanka

Toddy tappers task is to climb the tree and get the flower from the coconut when the time is right. This is considered dangerous due to use of weather-worn ropes, slippery trunks of the palm trees and the wind. The toddy tapper usually walks a tightrope tied high above between two adjacent coconut trees. He holds on to one rope at shoulder level and walks on the other ever so carefully, because a single misstep would be fatal. This is a frequent sight in the early morning in western coastal areas in Sri Lanka.

TAATAS’ (PVT) Ltd Distillation Process

TAATAS’ distillation and bottling process is at its finest in and around Sri Lanka. They reach the market in the north with a neat finish and at a comparatively low cost. They have a network that makes it possible to analyze data related to the distillation process, and take action quickly, even at the network edge.

Their Coconut toddy is fresh and has a fermentation period below 30 hours. Therefore, their Coconut Arrack is the best production throughout Sri Lanka. It is high-time that we focus on promoting this 100% natural, organic, and high quality product in Sri Lanka as well as throughout the world.

TAATAS (PVT) Ltd.’s Types of Coconut Arrack

Sri Lanka has a rich history of drinking deliciously lavish arrack drinks. Rather than drinking lager and beer that are fermented with preservatives, you can consume TAATAS’ wonderful arrack drinks and cocktails that are mouth-watering, 100% natural, high-class, and organic. TAATAS’ main aim is to normalize these drinks and take it to the International level.

The basic Coconut arrack used among the locals of Sri Lanka is Molasses Arrack, which is the least-processed variety. Between 2002 and 2007, Special arrack was produced in the highest volume. During those years, production nearly doubled due to high consumption. Common Coconut Arrack is also available at TAATAS (PVT) LTD, which is blended with other alcohols produced from molasses or mixed with neutral spirits as filler.

TAATAS’ Premium aged Coconut Arracks are those that are aged in Halmilla vats soon after distillation, for up to 15 years to mature and mellow before blending the raw spirit. Meanwhile, TAATAS’ Premium clear is generally not aged, but often distilled and/or filtered multiple times to soften its taste. There are several types of drinks included in both Premium Clear and Premium Aged.

What are the ingredients in TAATAS’ Coconut Arrack?

TAATAS’ Coconut Arrack only contains two ingredients: Pure water, and 100% natural coconut spirit that are distilled and left to mature in Halmilla vats, which are tropical hardwood belonging to Sri Lanka, scientifically called as Berrya Cordifolia. TAATAS’ entirely pure coconut Arrack also goes under the Double Distillation process, which is then aerated and matured for over two years. The final product has a distinctive smoothness.

TAATAS (PVT) LTD’s Coconut Arrack Combinations

TAATAS’ Coconut Arrack works as a great alternative for rum. People can drink it on the rocks, mix it with Coke, or add it in a mojito or pina colada cocktail drink. Once people start experimenting with TAATAS’ Coconut Arrack, they will find health benefits as well as wonderful tastes and brews. It is also great for making “Punch”.

Infused with spices, TAATAS’ special arrack mixes will emit a rich aroma and taste. Usually, Premium blends of arrack add no other ingredients, while the common blends are mixed with neutral spirits before bottling. Most people describe the taste as resembling “…a blend between whiskey and rum”, similar, but uniquely different at the same time.

TAATAS’ Coconut arrack is traditionally consumed by itself or with ginger beer, a popular soda in Sri Lanka. It also may be mixed in cocktails as a substitute for the required portions of either rum or whiskey. TAATAS’ Coconut Arrack is often combined with popular mixers such as cola, soda water, and lime juice.

TAATAS’ special cocktails made from coconut arrack liquor

Aliya is a classic cocktail that was invented during the early ages. In Sinhala, Aliya means Elephant. Coconut water cubes and fresh coconut water are mixed with the coconut arrack and drunk in top wooden tumblers. Classic ginger ale can also be mixed in Aliya arrack. Tusker is the name of the coconut arrack that is mixed with egg whites, peach bitters, and lime. This delicious cocktail is served in a wide glass topped with rich foam.

“Kandy” is the coconut arrack named after the Kandy city in Sri Lanka. This drink includes a dash of orange juice, vanilla, Frangelico, and crème de cacao. This cocktail is a perfect drink after a scrumptious dinner. Island Currency is a cocktail where coconut arrack is mixed with paprika syrup and muddled pineapple. It is a tropical drink consumed by tourists while sun tanning on the beach.

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