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TAATAS (PVT) LTD is the best Palmyrah Arrack Distributors in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans distil their original Arrack purely from the naturally fermented sap of the Palm flower, referred to as “Toddy”. This is 100% pure distilled Arrack. TAATAS team blends this timelessly and naturally aged 100% pure liquid in seasoned Halmilla, (Berrya Cordifolia) vats. This blend of 100% pure arrack undisputedly reigns supreme and is especially suits those looking for a distinctive taste.

Is Arrack similar to the Middle Eastern Arak?

ARRACK IS NOT ARÁK. There is a clear and distinct difference. ARÁK is from the Middle Eastern region and contains aniseed. People should not confuse the two. TAATAS (PVT) LTD distills their Original ARRACK purely from the naturally fermented sap of the coconut flower, referred to as “Toddy”. All spirits distilled, although distinctive, more often do not resemble its origin. The same happens with Arrack, distilled from “Toddy”. It is recognizable and retains its own taste, but consumers should not expect a Palm flavor. It is unique from any other distilled spirit.

Why is Sri Lanka’s Palm Arrack Special?

The pristine ambrosia-like qualities of Sri Lanka’s unique arrack can be traced back thousands of centuries earlier. Findings mention in early literature as – “…liquor drawn from the Palmyrah flower”. This delectable beverage is steeped in legend and tradition, making it one of the most prized offerings from Sri Lanka to the world.

The Palm arrack of Sri Lanka is believed to be one of the purest, naturally derived alcoholic beverages in the world distilled through a natural fermentation process. TAATAS (PVT) Ltd has perfected the technique of making arrack through the years. Today, it has acquired the perfect balance for the discerning palate and arrack reigns as the alcoholic beverage of choice in the country.

History of Sri Lanka’s Palmyrah Arrack

A small distillery of the State Distillery Corporation at Kaithady, Jaffna produced Palm arrack initially. This distillery had a 900 liter capacity pot still and about 1800 liters of toddy were distilled daily on two shifts during the Palmyrah toddy season. Since 1987, this distillery has not been in operation. The Palmyrah Development Board started in 1981. Several low wine centers in the Jaffna district and in 1984 commissioned a distillery with a patent still at Thickkam, Point Pedro, Sri Lanka.

This distillery can take in 1,350 liters per hour, but it has never run continuously due to the short supply of toddy. On an average about 2,250 liters of toddy is supplied to the distillery daily by two co-operative societies in that region (Point Pedro and Kattaveli).

The distillery accepts toddy of strength of above 4.5% alcohol (v/v). If it is less than 4.5%, they reduce the payment accordingly. They distil their toddy in a settling tank. They usually re-distill the distillate and then allow it to mature in storage tanks made out of Halmilla wood. During 1992, the Thickkam distillery had the capacity to store about 24,000 litres of distilled spirit in storage tanks made out of stainless steel. In 1990 a total of 175,000 bottles (750 ml) of potable arrack were produced by the Thickkam distillery. The sales value of the product was in the region of USD 120,000 (LKR 21 million) at the rate of USD 0.68 (LKR 120) per bottle. However, the Thickkam distillery is not performing well at present.

TAATAS (PVT) Ltd.’s special features

This is where TAATAS comes in. TAATAS (PVT) Ltd ensures that all their products meet the needs of their customers. Within the distributor relationship, they carry out specific tasks that help with overall business performance. The key is to evaluate which of their functions hey can fulfill more effectively and at lower cost.

Their principle function is to make their Palm Arrack available in more liquor markets. Making it convenient for potential customers to purchase their products is an important marketing function. They have contacts and business relationships with a wide variety of buyers and sellers and can ensure that their products are present in outlets visited by targeted consumers. Increased market coverage ensures customers can purchase their products whenever they need them.

TAATAS (PVT) Ltd.’s tactics in promoting Palmyrah Arrack

As manufacturers and distributors, TAATAS has several promotion tactics for advertising their Palmyrah Arrack. However, they only share true information. For instance, their Palmyrah Arrack is 100% all natural and all organic. This factor will definitely be useful for people who choose natural products for consumption. Moreover, as distributors, TAATAS (PVT) Ltd also arranges discount coupons and store promotions more easily.

TAATAS (PVT) Ltd.’s Market Research Techniques

Since they are closer to the Palmyrah Arrack market, TAATAS is able to collect more genuine and trendy liquor market information in the course of their business. For large purchases, TAATAS often offers advantageous rates and favorable re-payment terms.

TAATAS (PVT) Ltd.’s Key to a Successful Distribution of Palmyrah Arrack

As a distributor, TAATAS helps move and export Palmyrah Arrack bottles in a safe and secured manner. The Company designs their bottle in the best European Bottle designs which is extremely sturdy and safe. TAATAS has experts at entry level as well as exit level who ensure that none of the products are damaged. Their warehouses are top-notch storage area where they monitor and manage the incoming and outgoing shipments 24/7. TAATAS’ success is based on these handfuls of core factors.

TAATAS has excellent Sales Expertise

Palmyrah Arrack Distribution is much more than just the transport of bottles. TAATAS is, first and foremost, a sales organization. They are their own manufacturers as well as the “middle man.” Moreover, they have dedicated staff, and are aware of the value that they offer in selecting, organizing and moving goods. They also have effective sales support and follow-up to maintain relationships with buyers.

TAATAS has a Discerning Eye

TAATAS (PVT) Ltd. plays a vital role in deciding which goods have the muster to make it in the marketplace. The Company manufactures, sells, and exports the Palmyrah Arrack following the International Export Standard. Thus, TAATAS understands the value that is potentially offered to business consumers. They have a discerning eye for distinct and high-quality merchandise and can easily manufacture only the best. TAATAS’ expertise allows them to gain a relatively high rate of efficiency in hitting the liquor marketing on Palm Arrack.

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